Contentious Walton Road Developments

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Please sign this petition and lets ask the Mayor to investigate the irregularities in the Walton Road developments and the lack of action taken with regard to transgressions. We cannot sit back and let developers do as they please, leaving the mess behind for the residents to have to put up with.

1.    Residents are never properly informed on how the process works and have to find out for themselves.

2.    Sometimes the correct councillor isn’t even informed of applications. Mysteriously they get sent to another ward councillor, who just ignores the application. Registered letters informing direct neighbours never reach the direct neighbours.

3.    Notices on property for development are never visible and often the town planner of the developer doesn’t give the exact location in the gazette notice or ad in newspaper.

4.    Developers start building without approval from council and environmental impact assessment studies are questionable.

5.    So called road upgrades to allow developers to have “temporary access” to their development, making narrow, unsafe rural roads even worse, with middle islands and circles that their own contractors drive over, violating all traffic rules, making illegal U-turns, parking while extended into roadway etc. Not making adequate provision for disrupted traffic flow.

6.    Damaging Municipal and private infrastructure, Water mains, electricity infrastructure, roads, storm water drains etc. without owning up to the problem and leaving resident to get the damage sorted out eg broken water mains, shorting out electrical infrastructure.

7.    No regard for public and residents safety when working in road reserve, no proper signage, no proper barricades between roadway and work area, no or little safety ware for workers.

8.    No proper pavement reinstatement after working in road reserves. No concern for pedestrian walkways, dig up both sides of pavement at the same time leaving only the road surface for pedestrians to walk on.

9.    Allegedly making illegal water connections and allegedly getting Joburg water employees to connect 100mm water pipe to mains without approval this all done after hours and in the dark. Allegedly making faulty electrical installations shorting out entire neighbourhood power.

10. Building without approval. Building on Sundays, public holidays and after hours. Building on a 7/6 which is limited.

11. Developers erecting illegal signs on road reserves advertising developments everywhere, more developer signs in Midrand than street signs.

12. Residents threatened when noting transgressions. Residents insulted by developers and related people when commenting on social media. Residents accused of lying and fabricating stories even although there is proof.