Please sign this petition if you want to see Elizabeth Fry, Vorna Valley re-opened

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Abland had closed off the top section of Elizabeth Fry closing it off to Harry Galaun.  Now motorist have to either drive down Berger to Elias, (this intersection is dangerous) and then down Elias and left or right into Harry Galaun, or go towards le Roux, which is heavily congested at the best of times.

Abland are going to put up traffic lights here at Elias/Harry Galaun, hence they need the 4 way stop at Elizabeth Fry to be "gone" as it is too close to Elias.

We warned Abland in 2015 already that they cannot close off Elizabeth Fry due to the congestion it will cause (which is what is happening now) and residents from the other side of Elizabeth Fry now have to fight to get onto Harry Galaun.

Council and the Ward Councilor are seemingly backing the developer, and no consideration is given to objections and complaints of those residents that need to travel on these roads on a daily basis.