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Drop all charges for Wayne A. Williams and issue a public apology.

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I read petitions from and think what a good idea this site is, little knowing that I would be starting one myself. My friend and co-worker is in need of help for her son, Wayne Williams.
Like all of us that are in relationships, he had an argument with his wife. During the heated moments of the argument his wife throws an ashtray at a wall. The ashtray missed the wall and hit and broke the window. A neighbor hearing the argument and the breaking window called the police.
Now, the wife told the officers when they arrived that it was just an argument and neither of them had touched the other. As well, an adult witnesses account was not included in the report. Despite the wife’s statement and the lack of trauma, the husband, who had gone on an errand returned to his home immediately upon the officer’s telephoned request. He was promptly arrested on domestic battery upon his return. This story, played out too many times across the nation, gets worse. The police report stated that the “suspect” Wayne A Williams had his wife down on the floor and was punching her in the face and chest with his fists, he strangling her, and confined her against her will. Let me explain why this statement has no bearing in truth. Wayne is a very large man of nearly 300lbs who would do damage to anyone he punched in the face and chest. If this had truly happened she would have been on the way to the hospital instead of hugging and kissing her husband goodbye with their 3-year old daughter in hand before the paddy wagon took him away. Now the courts released him on bond after several unwarranted days in jail, but with a restraining order to stay away from his wife AND children.
After seeing what the two officers put on the police report and wanting to be sure to prove her husband’s innocence the wife went to a hospital on her own for a complete physical and the diagnosis, in a nutshell, was absolutely no trauma, no marks, no cuts, no bruises nor any history of trauma found anywhere on her body. In spite of this report the courts refuse to drop the charges and the arrest record stands. By the way, Mr. Williams, 31, had no criminal history before this arrest. Instead, it appears, they are trying to force the wife to say either it did happen or she perjured herself to the police that evening. Having done neither but seeing what is happening to her husband and her family and fearing further repercussions she is afraid to go before the court. The wife, instead of appearing, sent her heart felt letter to the judge and prosecutor along with the hospital report but the judge continued the case finding cause for the third time.
It is appalling that one factless police report can be so damaging to an innocent man and his family. Beside the anguish and expense of living apart, the legal fees and lost wages, he could have even lost his job. The legal process in domestic battery cases automatically involve judicial and social agencies that threaten the continued separation of innocent family, and there is nothing worse. Again, in this case, there was denial from the beginning by the wife of all that was subsequently stated as fact by the officers. There were no pictures taken by the officers that day. EMS was not called. There is, on the other hand, the medical proof and heartfelt pleas from the wife of her husband’s innocence and for his name to be cleared. She took, what would seem were, proof positive steps to clear his name. Mr. Williams name and his record should be cleared. Please join me in forcing the court and the City of Indianapolis to drop this charge, expunge the arrest record for Mr. Williams and issue a public apology to him and all of his family for the torment the city has put them through for the last 2 months.

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