Save Reinhart Park Pool - Make it a splash pad

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The Reinhart Park swimming pool has been a fixture of our community for years. Many of us have grown up going to this swimming pool. I personally spent lots of time with family and friends swimming there.  In recent years, the pool and facilities have deteriorated and have become unusable. The City of Idaho Falls now wants to fill it in, tear down the bathrooms/locker rooms and plant grass. I don't agree with this decision.

The City of Idaho Falls has approximately 30 parks with grass. None of those parks have a water feature for kids and families to enjoy.  We, the citizens of Idaho Falls, deserve to have our voices heard and have this pool turned into a usable splash pad where the current generation and future generations can come. Help us make this possible by joining us in petitioning our city officials to turn the Reinhart Park Pool into a fun and memorable family location for all to enjoy!