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Ban Traveling Zoos in Huntington Beach


Traveling petting zoos are bad news for animals and humans. They subject animals to the stress of transport, alien environments, irregular feeding and watering, mishandling, and crowds of strangers. Countless people have been sickened—and some have died—after contracting diseases from animals in petting zoos. Animals used in traveling zoos suffer both behind the scenes and when they are on display. For example, GiddyUp Ranch, a traveling animal exhibit, has been cited by the USDA for inadequate animal care practices, including exposing rabbits to high temperatures.  Please sign this petition and ask Huntington Beach to make the compassionate choice and ban traveling zoos. Let’s keep the City of Huntington Beach a safe and fun environment for everybody. 

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  • City of Huntington Beach
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    Connie Boardman
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    Joe Shaw
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    Jill Hardy
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    Jim Katapodis
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    Dave Sullivan

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