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Mayor Turner: Clean up the Wheeler Encampment in Houston TX

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The homeless encampment at Highway 59 and Caroline is a public health hazard and needs to be cleaned up.  People who are living in the camp are urinating and defecating all over the lawns of the nearby residents and the camp is overrun with drugs and guns.  KHOU posted a video of a reporter being chased off the campgrounds by a homeless man with a gun a couple weeks ago.  On a daily basis I drive by the camp and see men and women so high on drugs that they can't stand up, I see children and dogs running around the tents, and just yesterday someone was shot and killed in this camp.

The land they are squatting on belongs to the Texas Department of Transportation, but TXDoT has decided to take a "hands off" approach.  In August 2017 the City of Houston passed an ordnance which banned people from sleeping in tents on public property, however the ACLU stepped in and filed a lawsuit on behalf of the homeless and a judge sided with the ACLU and issued a stay on the city ordinance. 

Our new District Attorney, Kim Ogg, is not prosecuting the criminal acts committed by residents of the camp.  For example the man who was filmed waving a gun at a local news reporter was not charged with a crime. 

The City of Houston has shelters and services to help the homeless get their lives back together but it seems that the residents of the Wheeler Camp aren't interested in seeking out the services or shelters provided by the City and various other charitable organizations. 

I am hoping that this petition will open the eyes of city officials, especially Mayor Turner and DA Ogg, to the ever growing problems of this Camp.  Tensions between neighborhood residents and camp residents continue to rise, hopefully we can get the people off the street before more people are injured or killed. 

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