Indictment Of EX Sheriff Cameron Brewer For The UNJUSTIFIED murder of Danny Ray Thomas.

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On March 22, 2018 My 35 year old Unarmed Brother Danny Ray Thomas was taken from not only from my Family and I but his Children as well.. On this day in Houston Texas Greenspoint area my unarmed brother who was still grieving the loss of his two youngest children whom were murdered by his Wife at the time was MURDERED by a Deputy Sheriff Cameron Brewer (who has now be fired) on this day Danny who is seen on video dashcam getting into an altercation with a driver whom almost hit Danny with his car. Out of frustration you can see Danny tap the car, in the mist if this you hear the Sheriff ask Danny to come over too him ( mind you his pants are down NO WEAPON) once Danny proceeded to the Sheiff you can hear him tell Danny to stop or hes gonna shoot him (UNARMED) My brother posed no danger to this Sheriff whom seen it too be true as on lookers did as well... Instead of pepper spray or tasing Danny he shot him once in the stomach. #dannyraythomas to see video footage in plan site UNJUSTIFIED MURDER of Danny Ray Thomas... The Deputy stated he thought Danny had something in his hands ( BROAD DAY LIGHT) But later was found that Danny DID NOT have anything on him but his backpack.. Not only did this EX Sheriff assume but He also stated Danny was foaming at the mouth (CALL FOR HELP) why did you kill man foaming at the mouth? Not only that but the Ex Sheriff did have his bodycam on it was in his assigned car being charged two hours after it was given too him. So now here we are EX SHERIFF Mr Cameron Brewer has been FIRED but not changed as of yet and this Petition has been made to insure that Head District Attorney MS Kim OGG does whats right in seeing that criminal charges be filed on Cameron Brewer For his UNJUSTIFIED action... 


I am the Sister of Danny Ray Thomas

We ARE Danny Ray Thomas' and I am and Will always be My Brothers Keeper.. #justicefordannyraythomas

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