Stop Gentrification - Support community driven development in the Third Ward Neighborhood.

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Washington Terrace Civic Association
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Washington Terrace subdivision, located in 3rd Ward Houston, TX is a neighborhood bounded by Alabama to the north, Blodgett to the south, Ennis to the east, and Emancipation Ave to the west. Known for its rich history and architecture, the homes in Washington Terrace go back as far 80+ years in some cases. As new development incentives and housing demand increases in Houston, the neighborhood is at threat of being gentrified.

Once a deed restricted community Washington Terrace is now only protected by minimum lot size restrictions on scattered blocks. As a result, lots that once were home to single family dwellings are now at risk of being subdivided into multiple town homes on a single lot. Aside from increasing surrounding property taxes and skewing home values, town homes ruin the fabric of this community by destroying architecture, history, character, culture and relationships.

Let's work together to preserve the character and culture of our neighborhood along with the surrounding greater third ward community. By signing this petition you are taking a stand against overpriced and under designed town homes geared to line the pockets of developers who do not care about preserving history and culture in our neighborhood. Anyone can sign! To combat this dilemma we are presenting the following solutions:

1. Require developers to seek approval from neighborhood civic associations or local organizations when the proposed development is not in line with the prevailing character in the neighborhood.

2. Encourage the City of Houston Planning Commission to support the adopted complete communities plan for Third Ward by judging proposed developments on long term impact to stakeholders as well regulatory standards.

3. Consider appointing individuals to the commission that have background in working with underserved communities.



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