Vote YES to Rename Hollywood's Confederate Streets on August 30th!

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The city of Hollywood has three streets named after Confederate Generals: Robert E. Lee, John Bell Hood and Nathan Bedford Forrest. All three of these men fought viciously to preserve slavery during the Civil War. In addition, Nathan Bedford Forrest was the first Grand Wizard of the KKK.

The City of Hollywood commission will vote on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 on the renaming of all three streets.

The street names will default to the original names chosen by city founder Joseph Young, whose intention was to honor cities with flourishing African-American populations.

  • Forrest Street will become Savannah Street
  • Lee Street will become Louisville Street
  • Hood Street will become Macon Street

Please add your signature to the petition to send a clear message that the city of Hollywood should NOT honor racist murderers on street signs. 

After you sign, an email will be sent from your email address to each commissioner. You can also customize the text below to share your own feelings about why renaming these streets is so important.

We are also asking that the city:

1. BEGIN street renaming/replacing process as vote occurs, to be completed within 6 months, given precedent of past prompt street renaming processes.

2. NOT institute on site dual street names, as it has been suggested. This would further delay progress, create confusion and additional costs.

3. NO moratoriums on similar community innitiated efforts, as this negates our dignity and autonomy to lobby as residents.

4. We are also asking the city to seek funds and/or resources from county and/or state to alleviate effects to residents, such as reimbursing $25 driver’s license change fee.

Thanks for your support!

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