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Take Down Racist Street Names in Hollywood, FL

Nathaniel B. Forrest, John B. Hood and Robert E. Lee took up arms against the United States to defend the institution of slavery. Yet Hollywood, Florida has streets named after these Confederate generals in 2016. It should be self-evident that these men should not have this honor, yet most city commissioners are reluctant to change the names.

We are not trying to “change history,” we are merely trying to set the record straight. People who fought to defend slavery are not heroes and should not be celebrated. Abolitionists—people who fought to end slavery—are the people we should honor.

Those who argue for preserving Southern heritage are really arguing for celebrating the South's white supremacist legacy. They completely ignore the legacy of the Black slaves who built the South. The only “states rights” these Confederate generals fought to uphold was the right of states to enslave people. Historians have recorded their crimes against humanity. There is no conceivable reason why they should be paid tribute to on street signs.

The cost of changing these names is minimal as Commissioner Blattner has pointed out. It is long past time for the City of Hollywood to replace these racist street names with the names of people worth celebrating.  

We call on the Hollywood City Commission to change the names of the streets Forrest, Hood, and Lee to Tubman, Truth, and Douglass in honor of Harriett Tubman, Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass.


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    Richard Blattner
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    Traci L. Callari
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    Kevin Biederman
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    Linda Sherwood

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