Tell City of Hiawatha to let me keep my pet ducks!

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I have raised and kept pet ducks for five years with no issues from my neighbors. I have six ducks as pets and as a hobby. I love to sit out on my patio and watch them graze in the yard and play in their kiddie pool. I do not keep ducks for food or any agricultural use.

Now, the City of Hiawatha wants me to get rid of my pet ducks, because they are considered livestock and livestock is not allowed in the city and because they said there was a complaint. The only thing we can think of is the water department guy that came through our backyard, turned us into the City of Hiawatha. All of our neighbors denied turning us in and all are happy to sign a petition to keep our pet ducks, which they said have been there for along time! The only issue is the city does not want me to have them.

I think that I should be able to keep my ducks, being as though the city of Cedar Rapids bordering Hiawatha, allows chickens inside city limits. What's the difference? We also own our property and feel our rights and freedoms are being violated. The city of Hiawatha, in response to our appeal, is asking that we pay $150 to have a meeting with the council. I'm hopeing to raise enough money to afford the $150 and possibly an attorney to fight this matter with the city on

Please help me fight the city and let me keep my beloved pet ducks by signing this petition!! They are well taken care of and very much spoiled and not hurting anyone! I also don't believe the city should be able to dictate what is and is not a pet as long as the pet is not vicious and is not hurting anyone. People have been raising chickens and ducks for ages, why now is it a problem? I'm also hopeing by people signing this petition, I can get the City of Hiawatha to revise their zoning ordinances and codes regarding the keeping of chickens and ducks within city limits like other cities, especially since it is not illegal with the State of Iowa to keep chickens or ducks.

Thanks in advance!!

Kristine Sorenson 

Brent Sorenson

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