Stop cruel euthanization of community cats in Henderson, NV!

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We are asking the City of Henderson, NV to stop the euthanization of feral and community cats. Many communities across the country have found that community cat programs work! Allowing the community to get involved in the spay/neuter and caring of community cats, not only empowers communities to control cat populations, it stops the barbaric euthanization of innocent animals.

Our neighbors in Clark County and the City of Las Vegas have created legislation to protect community cats, their feeders, and have found these programs work to prevent suffering and needless euthanization of innocent cats, as well as control their populations.  

In addition to protecting community cats and their caregivers, we ask that the City of Henderson support the humane practice of trap-neuter-return (TNR) in it's animal control shelter and by members of our community. 

By not only permitting but encouraging TNR, community cat caretakers will be more likely to neuter/spay cats in their community. When TNR is implemented by shelters, shelter intake sees a decrease.

We understand that the City of Henderson, Animal Care and Control will adopt out stray cats as long as they are social and friendly. We applaud these efforts to find a safe and humane option/home for homeless cats. However, we feel that leaves a large population of cats unprotected (those unable to be acclimated to indoor life and human touch), and a deficit in the community's ability to control cat populations. 

In addition to community cat programs helping control cat populations, community cats help to control the population of rodents and other pests. Some communities even have an adoption program for families who need help with rodent control in their areas, to adopt a feral cat to live on their property. The bottom line is, these programs, in addition to being the most humane answer, are mutually beneficial for cats and the communities they live in. 

We're asking the City of Henderson to adopt legislation similar to Clark County's Code 10.06 for Managed Care of Feral Cats.