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Lets make Albion Falls safer to the public

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This petition is to make Albion Falls in Hamilton, Ontario safer for the public. There are more and more deaths and injuries happening at Albion Falls due to lack of marked trails and a city made staircase that the city is refusing to take responsibility for, even though it was made by the city in the first place.

They have trails all over the place, so where is the main trail? No where to be found... People are innocently going to this beautiful area without any sort of direction of where the "safe" areas are. The signs at the top of the stairs contradict themselves saying "stay on main trails" when there is no main trail.

Many people are getting frustrated with the city because they are victim blaming all the accidents that have happened there at the falls. Yes there are people that climb the falls which is an overall bad idea, but many of the accidents that has happened there are innocent people trying to stay on trails or going down the unsafe staircase.

Paths to nowhere at Albion lead to treacherous terrain

10-year-old sustains multiple injuries in 30-foot fall at Albion Falls

21-year-old Corey Dixon slipped on the ice at Albion Falls in Hamilton and fell off a cliff

Please sign and share this petition: 1) In support of the many lives that have been lost, 2) For the people that have been badly injured at this location and 3) To ensure the City of Hamilton takes action to make Albion Falls safer 

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