Have Budget Inn Closed

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Young women to older women. Drugs and prostitution. Women are be held against there will in this place due to the poor choice of management in the motel. There are very many school in the area that have young children and women that could be vulnerable to the action going on in this motel. There has been multiple fights and drugs altercations involving this motel for a matter of on going years... The problem that needs to be solved is have the place closed down they are allowing and know what activity is going on in this place.. The city of hamilton can make this change happen.. Theses young women and older women that are being affected and used as pawns and sex toys can be set free to live the life they deserve and not be afraid of being outside. Imagine having a daughter or multiple daughters, friends, family that could be going through this. No women deserve or any human being deserve to be held against there own will or be drugged in any circumstance... Its time that people make a change for the better and close this place down it’s nothing but gross and improperly ran. Let’s make it safe for women and young people to feel safe in our city. LETS FIND HOLLY CLARK AND EVERY OTHER WOMEN BEING HELD AGAINST THERE WILL!! Together we can make this happen