Justice for Gustine Teens

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On Sunday June 28, 2020 a Blue Lives Matter rally was held in Gustine, California in support of local law enforcement and in response to recent Black Lives Matter protests. Three teens arrived in support of Black Lives Matter and the scene became violent as several older gentlemen attending the event physically assaulted the teens. Local police officers arrived to the scene and Officer Michael Erickson told the teens this case would not make it to the judge in response to the possibility of pressing charges. The men involved in the assault were allowed to return home without consequences and local authorities have not followed up with any further action.


We are calling on our community to help us hold these men and our police department accountable for the assault on our local youth. Our community is small but we have power in numbers and cannot allow these cycles of racism, hatred, and violence to continue. In addition, the men involved in that attack have yet to be identified and we are asking for help in doing so.