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Ward 3 Impact Letter

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We are a small group of people living on Yorkshire St close to Waterloo Ave.

As many of you likely know there have been issues the past year or so with drug dealing and use, bike thefts and property damage in the area. Most of these activities seem to be linked to occupants and visitors to 100, 107 & 109 Waterloo Ave.

To date, we have tried to work with the Guelph Police and Dunara House (who lease the properties at 107/109 Waterloo). While the police have been communicative and understanding they are limited by the law at times.

Dunara house feels that the majority of these issues are unrelated to the occupants of their homes but instead that others are using the vulnerable people living there as an opportunity to use the property as a location for criminal acts.

We have approached them multiple times to open friendly, positive communication in efforts to reduce the threat to our neighbourhood. While communication has been slow they are seemingly interested in working with us to alleviate some of the issues.

We are concerned that this property is under managed by Dunara House and that the criminal activities will be hard to stop without more involved management. We have asked Dunara House to communicate with the landlord and others to attempt to add security lights and no trespassing signs to the property to deter future activities.

We have created an Impact Letter so that the wider community and City of Guelph officials are aware of our efforts and our concerns. Our hope is that if enough of our community shows they care, then change can be made.

While we have begun visiting neighbours in person, we are realizing that the area impacted by these individuals is wide and chatting in person with all involved would take weeks and months. We are hoping that once you read our Impact Letter (below) you will consider digitally signing it so that your voices can be heard. Once we have gathered more signatures we will deliver the Impact Letter to the people indicated in hopes of opening dialogue about resolution to our concerns. We are concerned for ourselves, our children and for our neighbours. We are also concerned for the innocent residents of the Dunara run home who have shared their concerns with us too.

If you would like more information in advance of signing, please reach out to us at


Date: Nov 30, 2017​​​​​
Mayor Cam Guthrie, Guelph Police Services, Guelph City Councillors, Dunara Homes for Recovery Inc., Wellington Waterloo LHIN

We are a community deeply concerned about on-going known and suspected troubling activity at 100 Waterloo Ave, and at 107/109 Waterloo Ave., Guelph (Dunara Homes for Recovery).

In June 2017, our Neighbourhood Group requested to meet with the Program Manager and/or Director of Dunara and did not receive further contact from Dunara about a meeting. Officer James Gordon scheduled a meeting with our Neighbourhood Group and Program Manager (PM) of Dunara on Nov 6 and on Nov 8 we learned that the PM didn’t attend on Nov 6 because of a death in her family. On Nov 15, a member of our Neighbourhood Group emailed PM of Dunara to request a community meeting and informed her of an attempted B&E of his house where the suspect was seen going to the Dunara’s Waterloo Ave properties immediately after the incident. Police Services was involved. On Nov 16, another member of our Neighbourhood Group emailed the same email from Nov 15 to the Director of Dunara and expressed the want for a community meeting. On Nov 27 a member of our Neighbourhood Group emailed the Police Services and copied Dunara and expressed frustration that the Neighbourhood Group had not had any contact from Dunara. On Monday, November 27 the Neighbourhood Group received its first communication from Dunara:
12:49:27 PM EST, Yvonne Bowes <> wrote:
I am very sorry and disappointed that Mr. Baker has come to the conclusions that he has expressed in his email below.
Death in families, family emergencies and being away from work may at times appear to one has having an "indifference and disinterest in working with our community", but I believe that Dunara, over the past 30 years has displayed with much success of our commitment to the Guelph community.

Please note going forward that I will not be responding to emails that are being used from a business address, with the exception of the Guelph police as I believe they are a part of this group in their capacity of city police.
If you do not have a personal email then please let me know which community member I should direct further communication to.


Executive Director
Dunara Homes for Recovery Inc.

On Nov 30 a member of our Neighbourhood Group emailed Director of Dunara requesting a community meeting to discuss our concerns regarding 107/019 Waterloo Avenue.

On Dec 7, three members of our group met with the director of Dunara to open dialogue on attempting to resolve the issues in the neighbourhood. We are hopeful that continued communication can take place and that all parties involved are working diligently to deter future criminal activity at this location

Activity and Incidents the Neighbourhood Group have witnessed and suspect at the properties of 107/109 Waterloo Ave, Guelph include:

Trespassing on private property
Violence (domestic, assault, verbal)
Break and Enter and Theft
Graffiti and destruction of property
Persons under the influence of drugs and alcohol
Drug trafficking
Filing serial numbers off bikes
Transporting stolen bikes

We understand Dunara’s Mission Statement is: Dunara is a recovery oriented, community centered agency that helps to foster independent living and quality of life through short-term/long-term residential/crisis and community programs for individuals experiencing mental health issues.

We are notifying those addressed with the intent to rectify the concerning activity we have been experiencing for several months. We are hopeful of working with Dunara through a community centered approach.

The Concerned Community/Neighbourhood Group:

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