Parking By-Laws and Restrictions Changed

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I am making this petition as a last straw against City Of Guelph and Mayor Cam Guthrie. 
We have been dealing with parking tickets, problems parking, and lack of support from the city of Guelph for where to park and when for years. 

During the winter months, we have to park in driveways creating huge hassles for everyone involved. If you own three cars and have a two car driveway (the case for most suburban families) you need to park horizontally. This requires either a switch late at night, or a switch in the morning. With opposite schedules this becomes problematic. 

By-Law targets people dropping off kids at schools, completely unacceptable. With the lack of parking parents are often dropping students off in restricted parking zones or paid zones - out of necessity, not out of choice. The hassle of loading up the meter, or checking to make sure you're in a 2 hour parking zone outside of a school is a problem. Lots of parents on their way to work deal with this issue and with young children, this creates an unsafe environment. Much worse that bylaw is targeting these vehicles outside of schools and rewarding a $60 ticket. When you're going for 2 minutes to drop off your child, you should not have a parking ticket when you get back. Where is the 15 minute grace period? Why are by-law even patrolling this area at 9am? Seems like a money grab to me. 

Why can you only call in a car 12 times a year? Even at 2 days a call in, that is maximum 24 nights of parking. The roads are 'restricted' for December - March. Why can't you sign your car up for "winter street parking"? Why is there no map to these apparent 'free zones' that the city of Guelph keeps talking about? 

Sign this petition so we can get this changed. Guelph needs a by-law fix, and we need it now.