Fenced leash-free dog parks - City of Guelph did not give us what we asked for.

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The City of Guelph sought input from the dog community yet dismissed our input.  BEST PRACTICES that were recommended were not taken into account and this needs to change.  We asked for:

  •  large (minimum of 2 acres) fenced leash free dog parks. DISMISSED 
  • requested access not be limited to dusk/dawn.  (10 p.m.) DISMISSED
  • requested non residential areas designation such as Eastview (not the Sports Field themselves - build one on land not currently used).  DISMISSED
  • Ample parking DISMISSED
  • (...) DISMISSED

We did not get what we asked for and the City did not do extensive research like they said they did.  We want parks that do not disturb residents, are minimum 2 acres and are open until 10 p.m.