Guelph Cricket ground be used for cricket

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The cricket ground located at 80, Westwood rd, Guelph (Margaret Greene Park) is not available on most days to play cricket as it is booked by Baseball or other sports. There are numerous baseball diamonds (more than 50) all over the city, while only 1 cricket ground. If the sport has to prosper in the community and young kids take up to this wonderful team sport, the cricket field needs to be used for cricket. And if not exclusivity, cricket at least has to be given priority when booking this ground.

Secondly, we need a cage for practice, so budding young cricketers throughout the city can safely practice and build their skills, on their time. There is a batting cage located on the north east side of the park and is currently not being used by anyone. This cage can be easily modified to make it suitable for cricket. It just needs a solid/turf surface and the cage length be extended by 10 yards approx. 

Lastly, we need access to the shed located adjacent to the ground to store team equipments, portable practice nets etc, so they don't have to be lugged in and out for every practice/game.

These requests have been sent to City staff before, but they have largely been ignored. We request you to support our much needed demands so the sport can begin to thrive in the community, among young kids in Guelph as well as adult immigrants who have grown up playing this sport.

About us: We are a club of cricket lovers, over 35 strong. Visit our website: for more information on us.