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Petitioning City of Greater Sudbury council and 12 others

City of Greater Sudbury council: Ban the Circus from coming to Sudbury !

These animals are transported all over the country.  They are ill treated, beaten and tortured to perform unnatural tricks and live a life of misery for our "entertainment". It needs to stop in every city.  If we speak out, they will stop profiting from this barbaric form and send these wonderful animals to sanctuary.  

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City of Greater Sudbury council
Doug Craig
Joscelyne Landry-Altmann
and 10 others
Frances Caldarelli
Fabio Belli
Dave Kilgour
Andre Rivest
Ron Dupuis
Evelyn Dutrisac
Claude Berthiaume
Jacques Barbeau
Joe Cimino
Terry Kett
Ban the Circus from coming to Sudbury !
Please consider joining the many other cities in Canada who have ban the use of wild animals at events in their city. Saulte Ste Marie being one of the latest, Winnipeg is expected to pass this in May. I urge you to watch a video produced by Bob Barker called No Fun For The Animals on youtube. It depicts the horrific abuse these Elephants endure as baby's and for the rest of their circus life on the road. Thank you for your attention to this matter and the animals thank you as well.