Set up a Household Recycling Bin Scheme in Geraldton WA

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Hi! I'm Sophie I am 11 years old and my friends and I are really passionate about saving the worlds eco problems and we want to start with our home town. Currently, all the household waste collection bins all go to landfill at the Meru Tip.  This includes all household items that could be recycled or composted.  A number of private companies have put recycling points in town.  but there is only one place to recycle glass and only Type 1 and 2 plastic bottles without lids can be put in the plastic recycling bins.  There are many towns which are smaller than ours and just as far, if not further from a major City which have household recycling bins for people to use. We would love our City to be on board with saving our planet and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.