Install two pedestrian crossings on Kingston Downs Drive Ocean Grove. One located at the Milbourne Drive intersection & one located at the Millwood Place intersection.

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Kingston Downs Drive is a major road in & out of a growing estate.  Both the developer & residents have repeatedly called for action to be taken in relation to their safety concerns.  

In 2009, the council advised a new crossing would be installed prior to the 2010 new school year.  

In 2015 we again contacted COGG when this crossing still had not been installed.  Their response was that they did not believe there was enough of a need.  

In 2019 the need is still evident and still no action has been taken by COGG.

Residents believe the need is dire for children to travel safely to and from local schools and sporting facilities.  This issue will not be alleviated by the opening of future access points as these footpaths will still be used predominantly for those accessing the above.   

Residents report children, families & the elderly are at grave risk when navigating this road.  It is only a matter of time before an accident takes the life of someone trying to make their way safely across this road.