WJ Turner Reserve Draft Masterplan - Call for NEW Collaborative Solution

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The Draft Masterplan for WJ Turner Reserve prepared by City Of Greater Dandenong (dated July 2019) fails to acknowledge the existing shared use by Silverton Primary School, and other key stakeholders such as Silverton Cricket Club, over 40 years, and severely limits the opportunities for the school to continue to use this space in a flexible way. 

Silverton Primary School want our almost 500 students and broader school community to have full access to this space, and believe that many design elements of the Draft Plan limit this. How can inter-school sports football matches, cricket clinics, cross country, school athletics, annual Twilight Festival, movie nights and colour runs be accommodated with this self-limiting design? Why is a 2.5m path proposed directly across the space with exercise stations that will limit the activities that can take place?

The reserve is the home of the Silverton Cricket Club which has:

- Junior playing list of up to 100 children supported by 150+ parents

- Senior playing list of up to 60

- 200+ attendees at Junior/Senior social functions

- Community focused & only CGD club who runs the following:

Winter School Holiday Program
Multicultural Program Community Cup (involving local schools)
Girls Cricket
Women's Social Team

We are calling for a collaborative re-design of the Masterplan, incorporating input and serious consideration and regard for key stakeholders’ who have a long history of shared use of the space including Silverton Primary School and Silverton Cricket Club.