Perry Road Jewel Development Project

Perry Road Jewel Development Project

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Started by Ashley Mengel

The Jewel of Grand Blanc, located at 5270 Perry Road, Grand Blanc, MI 48439, is currently being utilized as a golf course, functioning primarily during the summer months. This property was recently sold to a developer who has proposed a significant development on portions of the property along both Perry Road and Genesee Road.  Based upon plans available to the public, the developer has proposed a 124 unit detached condo development taking over the north side of the golf course and injecting these units along both sides of Genesee Road.

Various concerns have been discussed regarding this project, including the massive increase in traffic on Genesee, Perry Road, and Belsay Road as well as the neighborhoods and intersections converging on these roads in this area. There is also logical concern for the impact this massive development will have on the schools already bursting at current capacity and the ongoing transportation needs at the district level. 

In addition, the current golf course is known for its drainage and flooding issues on the current property, overflow to property adjacent to the course and both up and down stream to rivers and streams. Flooding concerns would also be for the Indian Hill neighborhood as well as Rust Park.

The city sidewalk along Genesee Road will become a major safety hazard. Families use the path to walk, run, and ride bikes into the City of Grand Blanc. With this project, driveways will run through the sidewalk making it unusable (or extremely dangerous to people who try to use it).

Finally, there are only two entrances/exits to Kings Pointe for the existing 350 homes. This proposed development will no doubt create a massive increase in traffic forcing even more  backups on Genesee, Perry and Belsay Roads, making an already congested area much harder to navigate and more dangerous, pushing overflow traffic through adjoining neighborhoods.

Please sign this petition to let the City of Grand Blanc know that this project, as currently proposed, has the potential to cost the City, taxpayers and residents greatly in the future, unless they consider these impacts to infrastructure. 

1,104 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!