Safe walk/bike access for Ormeau children and residents.

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The large proportion of Ormeau State School students live on the northern side of the Pimpama River. With the new developments of high density housing in the area, more students will be living in the area and enrolling in Ormeau State School in the future.

Presently, the only access to the school from the northern side of the river is the side of the Creek Street road. This road is a very busy, 80km zone that will only increase with traffic over the coming years. This road is not a safe way for children and parents to travel, particularly primary school aged children. It is also the longest way to the school. With the emphasis on healthy children, active school travel (there’s even a day dedicated to it) and community spirit it seems detrimental that local children cannot safely walk or ride to their own school. The incredibly overcrowded and unruly buses are already full and I have noted myself the lack of parking at the school for parents to drive. It seems that for a school of 900+ students that an active and healthy way to travel to school would help in many ways. In the opposite direction of travel, many families from Livingstone College would utilise a safe travel route from the south side of the river, to their school. 

To encourage active and healthy travel for our children, parents and local residents it is vital that safe access between the north and south sections of Ormeau be instituted. 

In the beach suburbs and central Gold Coast there are bike paths, travel networks and safe ways to get to school. The northern suburbs ask for the same facilities to be provided now, before even more housing developments are built and more families require access to schools.