Bring back curbside recycling!

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The city of Gastonia’a curbside recycling program has come to an end, unfortunately this means that a lot of the people who were making a change in their waste habits can no longer. This change was made because citizens of the city were putting contaminated trash into the recycling bins. There is smaller recycling centers in and around the city, and Although that option is still out there, many in our city will not utilize that option due to lack of transportation, information, and even just the inconvenience. In order to help our impact on this earth, we need to be providing the public with this option. Please help encourage the city of Gastonia to bring back the recycling program. They can send out a letter or email to the citizens of Gastonia to sign and agree to exactly what they are putting into their bin, and if they do not agree to it or they fail to comply, they will no longer have the option for curbside recycling. Our streets are being flooded with alchohol bottles, single use plastic, aluminum cans, and other completely recyclable litter everyday. Half of the trash we send off to the dump could be repurposed into new items, to save waste, and for consumers to be able to make a better and more sustainable choice. Although some people did not follow the guidelines set for the recycling program, that does not mean that others won’t, if simply given the information upfront and being held responsible for their waste. Please give the citizens of Gastonia the option, to do better for the planet and their community.