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City of Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson: Listen to the People

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The history of Gary Animal Control speaks for itself. Animal control has demonstrated that they have no training in contagious disease control, and the current facility is not adequate to quarantine animals as they arrive. Futhermore, animals are being euthanized when rescue has been arranged, and communication of such is non-existent until it is too late.

The present plan for animal control is to raise funds to remodel or build a new facility. They think this will solve the problem. This could only work with a new compassionate staff and volunteers trained in Contagious Disease Control . We stress the fact that this would need to be a compassionate staff that truly is invested in the humane treatment of animals. A staff that takes disease control seriously and a staff who is dedicated to humanely euthanize with IV sedation methods, and to operate with complete transparency where Rescues and the public may have access to the facility without an appointment during reasonable business hours. We feel this is an un-realistic future goal, and the animals need adequate facilities now. This can not wait.

Presently through the efforts of volunteers , the building has been painted, cleaned and sanitized, and each animal that comes into the facility is given the 7-1 vaccine and dewormed. As a result , many animals have still become ill . The current solution to contain the Parvo virus is , "Euthanize the infected dogs and sanitize". Just recently 8 dogs were euthanized although Parvo was unconfirmed, and rescue was arranged for some animals. Animal Control has failed to accomplish their own goals.

The continued operation of Gary Animal Control is detrimental to the Humane Rights of the animals taken into their custody.

The citizens of Lake County and surrounding areas, Rescue and Animal Welfare Groups, hereby petition the City Officials of Gary to do the right thing in relationship to the safety and welfare of these animals , and hereby ask that the City of Gary Animal Control building be closed down for good . Gary should contract with Lake County Animal Control , whereas funds and salaries currently allocated to Gary should be paid to Lake County for the care and intake of the Gary animals.



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