Sell Off FPUA

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Sell Off FPUA

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Rhett Lloyd started this petition to City of Fort Pierce

Enough is enough. Join the fed up FPUA customers who are tired of overpaying for their electric rates. We are No FPUA.

FPUA customers have been overpaying for electricity for years. FPUA customer overpay by the hour

  • FPL charges 5.8¢ every kw hour
  • FPUA charges 11.8¢ every kw hour
  • FPUA customers over pay 6¢ every kw hour
  • Power Cost Adjustment:Though it changes every month it’s always an extra charge

Extra Taxes: Depending on where you live you are taxed extra

  • City residents pay 10% utility tax
  • Non residents pay 5% county fee & 10% surcharge
  • St. Lucie Village residents pay 8% county fee & 10% surcharge

Families & Businesses Struggle Because of FPUA

  • $27,719 Annual Income
  • 9.6% Unemployment Rate

Why should FPUA customers struggle to keep their power on?

Let’s put more money back into our pockets.

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This petition had 311 supporters

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