Petition Update

Update on our push to change the city ordinance to allow hens.

FTL Hen Project

Jun 21, 2013 — We had our follow up meeting with the Commissioner and want to share the update. He is certainly not against this, and his open mind is a step in the right direction. We assured him that with proper guidelines this could work. We want him to understand that this is a strong movement that isn't going away, as the community support has been incredible. To date we have over 800 signatures! Do you think you could you get one friend or family member to sign on? That would be over 1600 signatures. Wow! Help us show the Commissioners that we want this by sending the link on to a fellow supporter.
There is a Sustainability Advisory Board Meeting On
Monday June 24 @ 6:30 PM at City Hall for anyone that would like to come out and show support. They will be having a guest presentation regarding access to healthy food and its benefits. Hopefully the Commissioner will be there.
Thanks so much for all the help is getting this far. See you at City Hall.
Ftl Hen Project