Save the Krail property from the unnecessary roundabout in their yard.

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Katherine Bernau
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The city of Fond du Lac is currently planning on building a roundabout at the intersection of Fond du Lac Avenue, Reinzi Road and County Road V. As in the Fond du Lac reporter, this project is not for current necessity, but to accommodate for potential future needs. This project would have an incredible impact on one of the oldest properties in Fond du Lac, and I think it’s time for the people to stand up and tell the city this is an unnecessary project.

This property has been a part of Fond du Lac since the early 1800s. It has withstood change in the past, and now faces the potential of a roundabout being put in in their front yard, impeding their driveway to the point that it needs to be moved, tearing down at least 10 of their mature trees in their yard, and again restricting their property. 

With all that being said, the city is willing to pay her $8000 for all of these changes that what happened to her property. This is an abysmal offering considering the Value of the mature trees that are being taken down, and the immense property value damage having a roundabout running through the yard will make.

I do not have personal ties to this property, but I can see just how wrong it is to put somebody in this position, and have no value for historic properties in Fond du Lac. Please sign this petition, to show the city that the people Fond du Lac value more than just a new roundabout and support this family being able to keep their home preserve the way it is.