Knock Down Slave Market House in Center of Downtown Fayetteville NC

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The Market House as it is known is in the middle of downtown Fayetteville. It has a troubled past in the African American community. Though it is admired by the city and used as a trophy for the city’s “Business of the year” award, the history of this building and area is lynching and selling of African American slaves. The City of Fayetteville has known that most African Americans in the city wish for it to be taken down and replaced with something more positive about African American history.

The market house building is a reminder of slavery and fuels white supremacy. It should be replaced with a beautiful landmark funded by an annual city or state grant and remain a historic site. 

The reason we are making this petition is for peace and unity within the city. This has been brought up in City Hall meetings many times over the years and ignored. We have peacefully protested against the building being there. It is very disrespectful and fuels hatred for African Americans by people who still believe in the values of slavery and racism. There have even been many attempts to burn this building down and it gets rebuilt every time. People are risking their lives to get rid of a building that causes hate, racism, and is a symbol of injustice. 

Please sign this petition to show that black lives matter!