Permanently remove the Rolling Hills Dr. to Crossover/265 extension from any master plan

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We request the City of Fayetteville revise the Master Street Plan to remove Rolling Hills Drive as a proposed arterial street and designate it as a local street. We oppose any extension of Rolling Hills from Old Missouri to Highway 265/Crossover. We further oppose any widening of Rolling Hills Drive. 

An extension of Rolling Hills Drive from Old Missouri Rod to Highway 265/Crossover would devastate large portions of the Huntingdon subdivision. The extension would run through yards, some homes, and negatively impact this quiet, well established neighborhood with noise and heavy traffic. 

The homeowners along Rolling Hills Drive would be negatively impacted by a dramatic increase in traffic and noise. Both neighborhoods would no doubt see a dramatic decrease in property values, quality of living, and an increase in safety issues. 

This proposed extension/expansion is unique as Butterfield Trail Elementary is located adjacent to the proposed extension. Approximately 600 children attend Butterfield Trail Elementary and many children and families walk or ride their bikes to school along Rolling Hills Drive and Old Missouri Road. The heavy traffic would put our students and families at risk each and every day. Our quiet neighborhood school would be negatively impacted with 100s, possibly 1000s, more vehicles speeding through its crosswalks. Instead of birds and deer, our students will see and hear cars and trucks at recess. 

The proposed project would cost taxpayers millions of dollars…some of the very taxpayers whose established neighborhoods this would destroy. This proposed project would add more traffic to Rolling Hills Drive, more traffic directly onto College Avenue and the intersection at Whole Foods; there is simply no gain, yet an enormous cost. Our neighborhoods deserve better than that.  We demand better than that.