Pickleball Courts for Exeter, Ca

Pickleball Courts for Exeter, Ca

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Lacey Reveles started this petition to City of Exeter

The purpose of this Pickleball Courts for Exeter, Ca petition is to inform the City of Exeter about the exponential growth of Pickleball players in Exeter and surrounding areas. There is an overwhelming need for permanent Pickleball courts in Tulare County. We respectfully request that the City of Exeter provide Pickleball courts for our community. We are open to painting lines on two of the high school tennis courts, adding lines to existing volleyball courts in the local school gyms, adding courts to the Boys and Girls Club, or best option would be to add permanent dedicated Pickleball courts to a local park or lot.



o  The FASTEST growing sport in America! It grew 20% last year and now has over 4 million players. It continues to grow exponentially.

o  Great exercise not only for the body, but also for the mind and spirit.

o  Inclusive for players of all ages (from children to seniors), backgrounds, physical abilities, and athletic experiences. Many former and current tennis, paddle tennis, and ping pong players are now playing Pickleball! This is a sport that dramatically improves quality of life for many.

o  Easy to learn and play. Pickleball is one of the few sports where one can quickly learn how to play with minimal athletic experience. ANYONE CAN PLAY!

o  Super Fun and Social! It encourages and promotes happiness, sportsmanship, and a lot of laughs! Pickleball builds strong communities, families, and friendships, both on and off the court. Can be played for leisure or competition/tournament level.

o  A great sport for seniors and children alike because it is easy to learn and played on a relatively small court, making it less stressful on muscles and joints. Everyone that tries Pickleball, loves Pickleball!

o  The opportunity to host tournaments can only benefit our city. With so many people playing in tournaments and willing to travel nationwide, Exeter will be exposed to players and visitors from all over California and further. This can bring revenue into hotels, restaurants and local shops!


o  Pickleball is played between Visalia at Plaza Park where there are 8 dedicated courts that are often booked with Visalia Pickleball and surrounding area groups including weekend tournaments. There are also 2 dedicated courts at Visalia Rec Center which often get crowded as well. Simply put, there are not enough courts locally.

o  Pickleball is an extremely efficient use of park space: 4 Pickleball courts can be located on 1 tennis court. Therefore, 16 total Pickleball players can be simultaneously playing on one tennis court. Tennis on the other hand can only accommodate a maximum of 4 players on a tennis court. PICKLEBALL IS FOUR TIMES MORE EFFICIENT THAN TENNIS!

o  Pickleball play at Plaza Park is organized by Local Citizens, on a voluntary basis.

o  Pickleball players in Exeter either purchase or set up temporary nets for play on uneven surfaces like cul-de-sac/streets or travel 20 minutes to Visalia to access the closest, already packed courts. This is not ideal nor convenient.

o  Pickleball community members have donated used paddles so beginners can start playing at no cost.

o  To further encourage inclusivity, Exeter Pickleball is a completely free to join.

o  On any given Saturday or Sunday there is an average of 100+ Pickleball players at Plaza Park throughout the weekend.

o  Exeter School District has introduced Pickleball to students who end up loving the sport and would like the opportunity to play outside of school hours.

After the traumatic year we all just had, this would be a great way to gather our neighbors, friends and family in a manner that promotes community, health and wellness, fitness and fun while easily maintaining 6 foot social distancing while playing for those concerned about that matter. Exeter residents would greatly benefit and we appreciate any and all support!

Please sign this petition if you support this effort. It's imperative for public officials to see how many people want Pickleball to flourish in Exeter.

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