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El Monte is in the midst of developing a Bicycle Master Plan. A primary goal is to connect major points of interest such as city facilities, schools, parks and transit centers.  On Wednesday, October 8th, El Monte will consider the Transit Cycle Friendly Bike Project. 

The project proposes to enhance Ramona Blvd. and Tyler Ave. with the first bike lane in the city.  The project will include bikeway striping, stenciling, wayfinding signage, loop detectors, bike rack installations and the development of a multi-lingual bicycle education program. The bikeway will safely connect the Community Center, Transit Center, Senior Center, Arceo Park, and El Monte High School. 

By approving these propsed bikeway improvements, El Monte will be taking a historic first step toward improving safety for bicyclists in the region.  Join us in supporting this project by signing on to this petition. Thank you in advance. 

Letter to
City Clerk Lorene Gutierrez
Mayor Mayor Andre Quintero
Council Member Victoria Martinez
and 3 others
Council Member Norma Macias
Council Member Juventino Gomez
Council Member Bart Patel
Approve the FIRST bikeway in El Monte

It is with great pleasure that I submit this letter in support of the first bikeway in the City of El Monte. The proposed enhancements on Ramona Blvd. and Tyler Ave. not only create a safer cycling environment for local residents but it also provides a much needed bikeway connection to the most significant transit hub in the San Gabriel Valley region.

The bikeway will safely connect local parks and schools, the library, senior center, community center and aquatic center. This is especially important because these facilities are typically frequented by vulnerable roadway users such as the youth and elderly.

By approving the Transit Cycle Friendly Bike Project, El Monte will be taking yet another step toward sustainable development that encourages cycling as a healthier mode of transportation. Based on the myriad benefits of a bike-friendly community, I strongly urge you to approve the Transit Cycling Friendly Bike Project.

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