Petition to Prevent Re-zoning of 7001 Goshen Rd Edwardsville, Illinois

Petition to Prevent Re-zoning of 7001 Goshen Rd Edwardsville, Illinois

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Petition to
City of Edwardsville City Council

Why this petition matters

Started by Jamie Danks

We, the undersigned eligible voters of the City of Edwardsville Illinois, petition the City Council of Edwardsville to deny the rezoning of property at 7001 Goshen Rd. Edwardsville, Illinois from single family homes to multifamily dwellings.

The developer of this 4.73-acre lot is proposing an additional 50 multifamily dwelling units with 2 parking spaces each.  The property borders Goshen and Gerber roads and abuts to Gettysburg Estates and is directly across the street from Goshen Woods Estates, Brookshire Hamlet and Brookshire Estates, and the following homes at 7000, 7012, 7013, 7018 Goshen Rd. in Edwardsville, Illinois. This property is in close proximity to the following established neighborhoods; Ebetts Field, Gettysburg Estates, Bennington Place, Hunters Pointe, Hawthorne Hills, South Crest Estates and Vicksburg Commons.

The proposed project is not consistent with the established existing community of single-family homes.  Rezoning to include multi-family dwellings will have long term effects and negative impact to the following:

·         Loss of neighborhood and community character

·         Impact to regulated waterways and water runoff

·         Significantly contribute to flooding of moony creek at the entrance to Ebbets field and Gettysburg estates.

  • The stream situated behind this property flows into Mooney Creek which floods during heavy rains at the entrance to Ebbets Field and Gettysburg Estates.  Loss of that greenspace and additional paved roads will significantly increase flooding in that location

·         Increase in traffic at an already congested intersection of Goshen Rd.

·         The destruction of green space, native plants, and mature trees.

·         Decrease in surrounding property values impacting investments in home value.

·         If rezoned, the project can be modified or changed from the original concept in accordance with zoning regulations.

708 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!