Proposed Rezoning - 3530 199 st

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With regards to the current proposal to rezone the vacant land at 3530 199 st, here is Edgemonts, and surrounding communities, understanding of the project planned by a commercial developer that has an interest in purchasing and developing on this land.

- Condos will be three six-story buildings, housing 450 units of 50+ and memory care residents potentially belonging to (members of) the religious assembly. Commercial proposed will be on the corner of 199 St and Edgemont Blvd, including a drive-thru.

-  The religious assembly is the anchor for the development and will include other buildings, like a 9000 sq ft hall.

-  There will be the residential component.
Developer will not widen 199 St, but rather only provide an entrance off the existing road to the commercial section.

Our concerns:

- Number of services per week and hours of the day, from the religious assembly. We all know that any religious building does not thrive off one service per week.

- Future commercial development in Riverview, that will be Windermere 2.0 – most will need to take 199 St to get there.

- Neither 199 St nor Edgemont Blvd can accommodate additional traffic. With Woodhaven Phase II, Uplands and Stillwater still in early stages.The reality is with a seniors complex comes increases in ambulance visits to communities – again, noise.

- Large service vehicles (ie food distributors, linen companies, etc.) driving through the community for deliveries to condos and commercial.

-  Parking – they are planning for approx. 800 parking stalls; but if 450+ belong to the condo, then you factor in the religious assembly, commercial, duplexes, there is no room for people to park other than Edgemont Blvd. How is two way traffic and a bus supposed to accommodate this?

- There is already a religious assembly down 35 Avenue, who park along 35 Avenue because of overflow.

- A 9000 sq ft hall means additional traffic and noise. This could be upwards of 1000 people at any time, visiting the community – where are they going to park?

-  Economics and properties not selling at this time in the area. This will make it less of a desirable area.

The residents of Woodhaven in Edgemont, Phase 1, chose to live in this beautiful ravine community because we wanted to be away from any commercial developments. We enjoy living in a quiet, mature area, based on the age of the nature surrounding. Many of the initial residents of Woodhaven Phase 1 specifically, paid premiums for their lots. We also only had 215 st as an entrance to Woodhaven for some time, until 199 st was installed with working streetlights. This demonstrates what the residents endured and accepted, to live in a quiet community, away from any businesses. 

If you Do Not agree with Rezoning the land at 199 st and Edgemont Blvd, please sign this petition.