Park-Zone Speed Limit/ Area Bylaw Amendment :-: Edmonton, AB

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Currently I am looking for support from residents of Edmonton, AB, Canada to amend the most outrageous Bylaw. This recent Bylaw is No. 6894, and I am looking to amend not only the speed limits outlined in PART II Sec. 4 and 5, and PART III Sec. 14, but also the areas outlined in PART III Sec. 13. As well I believe that there is no for PART III Sec. 15, as what I recommend that we define residential areas and set all these areas to 40 km/h AT ALL TIMES. Therefore, no times or dates would needed. I believe that school zones should still be protected just before and after school hours and during school months.

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If you agree and live in Edmonton please sign, lets start changing these non-common sense laws that don't make our streets safer but rather puts more money in the governments pocket through enforcing the laws with tickets. WE ARENT THE PROBLEM THEY ARE!

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