Save the Swanston Conservation Area

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Save the Swanston Conservation Area

Developers have submitted plans to build a campsite, mountain bike trail centre, zip wires, and other recreational facilities in and around the Swanston Conservation Area – a site granted Outstanding Conservation Area status within the Edinburgh greenbelt.

Read the plans here:

The Friends of Swanston group believes the plans would:

  • Irreversibly damage fragile wildlife habitats.
  • Increase noise, litter, and antisocial behaviour in and around Swanston and Fairmilehead.
  • Exacerbate traffic on the already busy and congested A702 and City Bypass.
  • Damage the unique character of Swanston village and its intimate relationship with the surrounding landscape.
  • Set a precedent for building on the green belt and conservation areas in south Edinburgh.

We are urging residents, visitors, politicians, and conservation groups to support this petition to ensure the City of Edinburgh Council planning committee rejects the plans.

Find out more about the Swanston Conservation Area:


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