Better living conditions

Better living conditions

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Jason Baker started this petition to City of Eau Claire

As you are all aware, Karen Cigan has been in the Leader Telegram for not keeping up on her buildings.

Right now she has

-168 counts of failure to maintain porch/walk way
-200 counts of failure to maintain heating system
-380 counts of failure to maintain windows
-43 counts of failure to maintain cement steps
-43 counts of storage of loose garbage and recycling

That's just for now.  Who knows what else she will be charged with.

Karen has a bad reputation around Eau Claire. 

Most people who have heard about what Karen has been doing is wondering why the city hasn't done anything about her by revoking her buildings and her landlord licence.  Ever since her husband died she has gotten worse.  Her hygiene has gone downhill, she doesn't remember who paid her rent or how much each tenant pays for rent. When her tenants ask for a receipt, she gets upset and gets defensive.  

One of her current buildings is 3222 Eldorado Blvd.  That building is currently falling apart, literally.  There are cracks in the foundation where rodents can and have been entering, the heat & the hot water barely works in the building.  The storage unit is full of unwanted furniture that previous tenants have left behind, she goes to her buildings just to harass her tenants, the list goes on and on. 

If we lose, then Karen's buildings will continue to go downhill. 

The fire department was already told that IF there was a fire at the building to evacuate the tenants and to make sure the surrounding buildings are not endanger and to let that building burn.

If we win that would be better living conditions for the tenants there and better electrical and better heat.

A company had offered to buy the Eldorado building but as usual Karen refused because it was not what she was asking.  

Most if not all tenants all agree that her buildings should be taken from her and given to someone or a company that will manage them for her while making sure she is in compliance with the city. Not just minimum but to make sure that building is up to code and things that need to be fixed in the units, fixed so that nothing will cause a fire. 

She is always trying to double dip clamming that her tenants have not paid their rent when they already have, she snaps on her tenants, and when her tenants try and stick up for themselves, she turns vengeful and threatens eviction. I have witnessed this first hand but out of respect for my friend, I have not spoken up.   

What I'm asking is that her mental state be evaluated as a landlord and her buildings be thoroughly inspected not to the minimum but to the maximum living conditions. 

I have a friend who has 4 kids living in that building. Her heat barely works.  Right now, she has her bathroom heater up full blast and it doesn't help.  The living room and the kitchen heat does not work at all.  The outlets barely work she has to be careful what she plugs in otherwise they will spark.  

What it boils down to is that Karen is unfit to be a landlord and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that she has border line dementia.  

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