Give control of severe weather operations & the siren to the Dixon Weather Service staff.

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The city of Dixon, MO & DRFPD (Dixon Fire) should give the Dixon Weather Service Inc. staff control of the storm siren system for the safety of the citizens of Dixon.

The city of Dixon, MO and the DRFPD (Dixon Fire) does NOT handle hazardous convective weather situations, the annual tornado drills and tests of the warning system correctly & efficiently and this is largely due to the fact that the DRFPD (Dixon Fire) is a volunteer department and the majority of their members have full time paid jobs they must work to support their families. And the city of Dixon, MO public works, police & maintenance department's staff do not have adequate time or training to properly & efficiently handle severe convective weather, tornado drills and system tests plus run the city.

Also, The city of Dixon does NOT have an adequate warning system to fully cover the entire town as we only have one AIR-RAID TYPE siren located basically in the center of town in the city park and the city's warning system needs to be upgraded which our organization will do with the support of the community via donations, Etc.

This is a dangerous practice and it jeopardizes public safety. For the safety of the citizens of Dixon, The Dixon Weather Service staff should have control of severe weather siren operations, tornado drills and system tests & maintenance.


Thanks for your consideration & support in this matter!

Dixon Weather Service Inc. Staff: Tim Brandt, Kara Sharp, John Moore, Travis Copeland, Jeremy Townsend, Shelly Bruemmer, Roy VanDoren & Mark Griffith