Why Detroit Needs A New Flag

Why Detroit Needs A New Flag

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Deon Mixon started this petition to Detroit City Council and

(Flag symbolism here: https://www.detroitriseflag.com/)

The City of Detroit is currently in a state of renovation, and for all its great effort to resurrect from a troubled past, it deserves a symbol of rebirth just as new as the ash it is gradually rising from.

Detroit is in need of a new flag.

Its current flag doesn’t follow basic principles of good flag design. The design is outdated, irrelevant, too complex, uses too many colors, and the city seal shouldn’t be on it.

There are many US cities redesigning their flags because their designs are horrible. Detroit's flag is one of them and many citizens and city officials don't even know we have one. As the only US city to be designated a City of Design by UNESCO and one that claims to be so prideful, yet not show its pride in any real way, our image is pretty embarrassing.

The people of Chicago—a city that's doing things right—flies and embraces their flag faithfully, showing insane amounts of civic pride. Why aren't Detroiters doing the same?

Changing the flag is an enormous opportunity to not only fully activate our civic pride and identity, but to captivate the rest of the world to come and see why Detroit is great.

This initiative aims to encourage Detroiters, city supporters, and city leaders to (1) understand why we need to change the Detroit flag and make that effort to actually do so and (2) to truly reassert our city’s image and show our civic pride by embracing, wearing, and flying this new flag—the Detroit Rise.

As a Detroit native who has received a robust Detroit upbringing, education, and passion for contributing to the city so that its status is ever elevated, I strongly believe Detroit needs a new flag. We are so prideful and serious about the vitality of our city. Why don't we show that pride and resilience through our flag? Why can't we show that energy through a new flag that is more relevant to, not only our history, but to us now, and to our future?

I encourage all to study and consider this vision and see the bigger picture that Detroit will certainly pose in. 

If you agree and believe, then please volunteer in pushing this initiative.

Whether fulfilled or failed, I will still remain proud and happy in flying the new flag with any and all supporting neighbors.

For all information on the new flag, please visit


Thank You

Deon Mixon

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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