Develop an online system to track shady landlords

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In late 2017, I was illegally evicted from my home, resulting in my homelessness. There was NO eviction process, court case or bailiff involved. Three policemen showed up, at the direction of this landlord and removed me by FORCE from my home. As a result, I ended up in a shelter, losing everything I owned.

It was difficult for me to find a remedy at first; but eventually I was successful in a legal bid. However, the landlord in question continues to operate in the city of Detroit and has yet to be held accountable for his dirty deeds.

If a tenant is lawfully evicted from a residence, this information often ends up on file that can prevent them from being approved for a future lease. In laymen's terms, evictions follow the tenant because future landlords can access your rental history. Yet, if a landlord has a history of operating illegally ( not including building citations), how does the tenant know this information? Simply put, you won't because there is not a system in Detroit that tracks this information.

I have reached out to several local officials, including the Mayor of Detroit- none of whom seem interested in this problem. Most would not bother with a response. We need a systematic tracking system for not only flawed tenants, but also shady landlords. This is a crucial step to prevent and discourage predatory landlord tactics.