Accountability and Transparency Petition for Change

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After the city workshop that was held on November 17, 2016 in Deltona, FL we the people in order to have a more accountable and transparent government are requesting the city Mayor and the city Commissioners to consider a few changes. We the people feel like current powers at be are trying to silence our voices by silencing our districts commissioner. Here is what we are petitioning:

  1. We request that the City Manager put in her resignation as soon as possible. She can no longer be trusted to represent the interests of the City of Deltona over her own. 
  2. We request that the City Attorney's contract be analyzed and canceled at its' end term. If no end term is in place, we ask that we look for a replacement and provide the current City Attorney a 90 day notice of contract termination.
  3. We request that any City Manager and/or City Attorney get quarterly reviews in order to assure the city citizens that they are performing at an optimal rate while keeping the city's best interest in mind. These reviews should be written performance reviews and not verbal ones. Once the reviews are submitted the city manager or attorney would have the option to respond to these reviews. There after once a year the city commissioners would have the option to invoke a vote on if the city should explore other options or candidates for said positions or continue moving forward with the current staff.
  4. We request that the City Manager's salary be analyzed and be capped at $85,000 a year.
  5. We ask that the City Attorney's contracts be analyzed and corrected to reflect other City Attorney's fees in our surrounding cities. When analyzing these fees we must keep in mind that our City Attorney will only be representing the City of Deltona and not any Police Department or Police Force.
  6. We request that the City Attorney's contract fees be capped at $150,000 a year regardless if they are proposed as bids or a flat fee (Figure calculated from: