Tell Daytona Beach to Allow Reasonably Regulated Short Term / Vacation Rentals

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Daytona Beach needs vacation rentals to:

Build Neighborhoods

­Vacation rentals are some of the nicest properties on the Beachside and are always maintained by committed property owners. 

Stimulate the Economy  

Vacationers who are able to save money on accommodations are more likely to stay longer and spend more money in the area. 

Owners who upgrade and maintain their properties to vacation rental standards employ and pay housekeepers, groundskeepers, real estate professionals, contractors and buy household goods, construction materials, plants/landscaping, furniture & appliances.

Create Tax Revenue

Start collecting the taxes on the rentals, along with sales taxes on other items purchased by short-term renters.

Provide Choice 

Visitors who would rent a residence may not consider a hotel.  For both hosts and guests, the residential vacation rental experience is unique and can’t be replicated by stays in hotels or condos.  Vacation Rentals provide traveling families the opportunity to stay under one roof and enjoy the comforts of home while enjoying Daytona Beach.  Banning short term rentals excludes an entire category of visitors who would likely visit other parts of the state if they do not have the option of vacation rentals.  

Allow Code Enforcement to Focus on Other Priorities

Code Enforcement resources are better spent on other issues, like dilapidated, ill maintained buildings.

Daytona Beach relies on the tourist economy, a big part of which now expects residential home accommodations as an option.  Sign this petition and tell Mayor Henry and the City Commission to give visitors the choices they want, owners the freedom to use their properties, and our neighborhoods a chance for improvement by authorizing reasonably regulated short term rentals.