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Firing of Sgt.Kevin Mansell

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It’s been 9 months since D’Lisa Kelley died. She’s the pregnant mom found strangled and beaten to death in an abandoned home back in March. Kelley’s sister says she called D’Lisa, and heard her sister in a confrontation with a man. That’s when she called 911. A week later, D’Lisa’s body was found. Family members believe if the Dallas Police Department acted on the call, instead of waiting a week to file a missing persons report, that D’Lisa would be alive.

Now they’re calling for the termination of Dallas Police Sergeant Kevin Mansell. Mansell is the officer in charge of the 911 dispatch. Earlier this year he was reportedly put on administrative leave, after an investigation was launched into Kelley’s death.

“We feel that it is sort of disrespectful for the Dallas Police Department to put a person on a one day suspension resulting that someone actually lost their life,” Dominique Alexander said. Alexander is the president of the Kelley Alert Foundation. “We’re asking that the Chief of Police please remove him from the department, immediately.”

The police Sgt.showed no interest in the case because he said the following.

"I had a question," the operator says to Mansell. "This lady, she doesn't really have a lot of information, but she's very, very concerned for her granddaughter."

She tells him about the call D'Lisa Kelley made to her sister. Mansell tells the operator to call back and get D'Lisa's cell phone number so that he can contact the phone company and have her phone pinged.

"Ok, I'll do that. I'll still send police for her, so that we can do a missing or something... or no?" the call-taker asks.

Mansell responds: "No, not yet … How old is this girl?"

"She's 24," the call-taker responds, saying that she's never previously gone missing before, and that she's also pregnant.

"Well sounds like she's [gone] missing before. That's how she got in that situation," Mansell says.

Mansell contacted her cell provider. Kelley's cell was disconnected. He asked for her phone's last known coordinates. Mansell told internal affairs investigators that he never heard back from the provider, and then he forgot about it on that busy Friday night.

As a result, the call was given a designation for 911 calls that are "abandoned or hang-up calls," according to police records. (This Officer said that he forgot about a human life being in IMMINENT DANGER)

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