Make Cupertino roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists

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As City of Cupertino residents, and parents of children attending our local schools, we write this to the City of Cupertino:

It is very sad and shocking to hear the fatal accident of a young student on McClellan and Bubb on the morning of 10/27. Our thoughts are with the parents, friends and family of that young child.

This calls upon some important changes that we as parents and residents must seek changes for. Our child bikes to school to Kennedy and we have always but wondered the safety of our streets for all bikers in Cupertino, and especially so for our young residents. While we greatly advocate bike to school days and bikeathons and encourage our kids to walk and bike to school, we must also bear the responsibility of making our streets safer for our children.

Here are some small changes that have personally affected us, and/or other children that walk/bike to school:
1. The bike lanes on Rainbow, McClellan and Bubb are very narrow. Couple this with trash days, or tree cutting, or PGE work, and our children barely have any room to maneuver around the bike lanes – can such activities on such busy streets be restricted to just weekends?
2. McClellan in particular has traffic from four local educational institutions during the peak hours – Lincoln, Kennedy, Monta Vista and DeAnza College and is not well regulated or suited to bikers atleast during that time. We need better safety measures on that.
3. The intersection at RoseBlossom Drive on McClellan without a light means that especially at evenings and nights, it is very hard to spot or see pedestrians and bikers using the cross walk 4. Finally, given how narrow these lanes are, allowing big-rigs or buses at the same time as school hours is dangerous and scary on these three peak traffic streets

This petition is a request to the City Safety officials to consider measures to solve the above traffic issues and make our city safer for both cars and students.