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A letter from Keith A. Dixon to the city of Costa Mesa - Part 2 of 8

Benjamin Yessayian
Costa Mesa, CA

Oct 15, 2013 — --== A post from the Friends of Fairview Nature Park ==--

I conducted archaeological excavations at Ora-58 in the 1960s. On the basis of my research, and reports of earlier excavations as well, I found that the site met the criteria for the National Register of Historic Places and submitted the application in 1972, which was then evaluated and approved at the state and federal levels. The city approved the entry with the goal of preserving the sites from damage or exploitation as part of open space to be used for passive non-invasive recreation, but not for team sports, constructed facilities, parking lots, and the like. Maintaining the open space and its natural resources would protect the archaeological site as well. However, there are often people who do not appreciate the value of "open space" and view it -- not as a precious asset -- but as an opportunity for development or for other uses by people with special interests.


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