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A letter from Keith A. Dixon to the city of Costa Mesa - Part 6 of 8

Benjamin Yessayian
Costa Mesa, CA

Oct 15, 2013 — --== A post from the Friends of Fairview Nature Park ==--
Subsurface testing for site boundaries and deposits:

This usually involves either trenching or using mechanical augers or digging small pits at intervals according to a sampling scheme. It's usually intended as a first step to clear property for development. In my opinion, such a procedure is likely to yield little reliable information for a variety of reasons, including false positives, false negatives, sampling problems, and damage to burials or other contents that are likely to be disturbed by the process. In this case, I believe it would likely do more damage without yielding reliable information. It would be preferable to protect the site simply by respecting the open space goal and canceling the proposed development projects.


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