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A letter from Keith A. Dixon to the city of Costa Mesa - Part 8 of 8

Benjamin Yessayian
Costa Mesa, CA

Oct 15, 2013 — --== A post from the Friends of Fairview Nature Park ==--

Someday it will cost the city considerable money to remove the overburden of mud and trash and clean it up, under careful guidance by a knowledgeable archaeologist. It appears that now there was a similar lack of due diligence prior to formulating the current development plans. If the city has already allocated funds for the projects, and if those plans can be canceled, perhaps the funds can be applied to the long-delayed clean-up of the dangerous and unsightly mess on that part of Ora-58.

I hope these explanations and comments will be useful in your deliberations.


Keith A. Dixon, Ph.D.
professor of anthropology emeritus,
California State University, Long Beach


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