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Councilwoman requests rehearing on Fairview Park turnaround - Part 1 of 2

Benjamin Yessayian
Costa Mesa, CA

Oct 15, 2013 — --== A post from the Friends of Fairview Nature Park ==--

Make sure to show up at city hall on October 15th to demand a rehearing for the entryway concept that includes paving a huge section of Fairview Park unnecessarily.

The original parking lot design was for 42 spaces, then when the city got caught violating the master plan it went down to 10 spaces but had the same foot print. It was later revealed in public record requests that this 10 space design would likely be converted to 42 spaces in the future.

The turnaround they approved sounds like the previous shenanigan and will end up being another parking lot.

The fire department did not ask for the turnaround. It is unnecessary. The council voted to approve the re-designed turnaround without having a special hearing to go over the new design.


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